Kunstauktionshaus Schlosser (Bamberg)

Collection, 1932-2012


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correspondence (1 item: 1932) Arnold Schönberg with Hugo Winter


Arnold Schönberg (1 item: 1932)

Wiener Männergesangsverein

Colletion: 1 folder (3 leaves)


Letters (3 items: 1922-1932) photocopies


Arnold Schönberg (1 item: 1924)
Alban Berg (1 item: 1932)
Anton Webern (1 item: 1922)

Librairie "Les Argonautes" (Paris)

Collection, 1947 (1 item: leaflet)

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correspondence (1 item: 1947), Schönberg to Pierre Aelberts

Viktor Groschedl

collection, 1974 (3 items)

photographs (3 items: 1974), interment of Arnold and Gertrud Schönberg's urns on June 6, 1974 at Zentralfriedhof, Vienna

Glinka State Museum of Musical Culture (St. Peterburg)

Collection, 1912 (1 folder, 1 leave)

correspondence (1 item: 1912) transcript of letter from Schönberg to Viacheslav Karatygin
Anonymous lecture on Schönberg in St. Petersburg

Musikantiquariat Kohl (Stuttgart)

collection, 1929-1930 (2 items: autographed score)

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correspondence (2 items: 1929-1930) Schönberg to Anton Maria Topitz

Philip Marriott, 1957-

Collection, 1924-1001 (8 leaves)

Philip Marriott is heir his adoptive father, Herbert Bach (1913-1971), who was the nephew of David Josef Bach. The estate contained a box, that was presented to David Josef Bach on the occasion of his 50th birthday, including dedicattions by Alban Berg, Anton Webern and Arnold Schönberg.

correspondence (2 items: 2001) Jared Armstrong to Therese Muxeneder
dedications (3 items: 1924) from Alban Berg, Anton Webern and Arnold Schönberg to David Josef Bach

Axel Schmolt Autographen-Auktionen, Krefeld

colletion (1 item: 1933)

auction item description:
correspondence (1 autograph card: 1933) Schönberg to Hans Roenig

Matilde Stepanek Stelmo

Collection, ca. 1900-1923 (8 photographs, 2 letters)

Matilde Stepanek Stelmo worked as housemaid for the Schönberg family. The items were donated to the Arnold Schönberg Center by relatives of her in 2014.

correspondence (2 items: 1915-1923), Mathilde and Arnold Schönberg to Matilde Stepanek Stelmo
photographs (8 items, ca. 1900-1915)